The California Indian Radio Project

"Dying For Water" Radio Show

This program was selected as the June ’05 AIR Rave.

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California Indian Radio Project

Thirteen Half Hour Programs, available on cassette or CD. A series featuring the voices and stories of contemporary Native people of California, telling how their lives have been shaped by history, their traditional values and their land.


Blue Creek - Ah Pah Traditional Yurok Village

The village would become a center for exploring various ways, both traditional and modern, to become self-sufficient and sustainable in such ways that are guided by, as well as enhance, the traditions and spirituality that are at the center of the Yurok lifeways.

California tribes are key players in issues such as water rights, fire management and public financing. This audio series is a timely source of information and balance in discussions of gaming, the environment, California history, law, race relations, religion, arts and education.