About Dying For Water

Photo Credit: California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Written and Produced by:
Joseph Orozco and Rhoby Cook.

Merv George, Jr.

Mixing and Editing:
Neil Harvey

Production Assistance:
Rudy Breuning,
Viola Brooks,
Cathy Chapman,
Kristi Shelloner,
The Klamath-Salmon Media Collaborative,
Koahnic Broadcast Corporation and “Native America Calling”

Arigon Starr, Wacky Productions (www.arigonstarr.com)
Peter Kater and R. Carlos Nakai, Silver Wave Records (www.Silverwave.com)

Traditional Songs:
(Traditional songs are the personal spiritual property of the singers and must not be reproduced without permission)
Brian Tripp,
Jene McCovey,
Glenn Moore,
Kendall Allen,
Kayla Carpenter,
Melodie George

Photography and Graphic Design:
L. Carpenter Designs

Funds provided by:
The California Council for the Humanities (a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities) www.calhum.org
The Vanguard Public Foundation https://www.vanguardcharitable.org/
The Robeson Fund http://independent-magazine.org/2000/03/paul-robeson-fund-funding-exchange/
The Native Cultures Fund of the Humboldt Area Foundation http://hafoundation.org
The Seventh Generation Fund. www.7genfund.org

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This program is dedicated to Ronda Marshall (1961 – 2003), co-founder of the Got Water? Campaign. Her vision, enthusiasm and love of teaching continue to inspire us.

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